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The Wild Heart Academy offers a loving and transformational space for all kinds of seekers.

Wild Heart Transformation

The WHT year is your journey to your self with the same close-knit and loving group.

Tantric Life Coach

During the TLC year you will learn group facilitating, bodywork and tantric coaching skills.

TLC - Tantra Evenings

Are facilitated by certified Tantric Life Coaches in Helsinki. They're an easy way to get to know our groove!

Shanti Limnell, the Mother of the Academy

Since I was young, I’ve been a seeker and tread my own path. My connection to nature with which I’ve grown since the beginning of my life has made me sensitive and intuitive. My natural way of acting as a healer, teacher and trainer, is also very intuitive and guided from the Source, which I find, has served very well in facilitating courses in tantra.

The Tantric Life Coach -training began also like that, in a free flow, without a clear structure in 2012. While the training carried on, I wanted to create a clearer policy, so that new newly trained Tantric Life Coaches could represent something consistent – though everyone as their own individuals and their own unique strengths.

In the trainings I’ve got to work with amazing people and to witness incredible strories of growth. I’m very proud of all the awesome new TLC -tantra facilitators who spread the gospel of love, joy and freedom in Finland! My wish is also for this to spread internationally.

After 2018 I decided to leave the facilitation of the Wild Heart Transformation -training to some of my students and continue myself in training the professional year of the TLC.

Shanti Limnell

Highlights of my own training path

  • Tantric Life Coach
  • Sex- and couples therapist
  • TRE II provider
  • Sexsibility Coach
  • Family Constellation -facilitator
  • Solution-oriented work supervisor
  • Quantum Energy Coach
In autumn 2017 I moved from Finland to Portugal where we are currently building a new course center Quinta da Coruja, where we are already offering B&B combined with sessions and bodywork. We also offer the possibility to exchange some of the energy as work so that you can learn permaculture and caring for animals.

Facebook: Wild Heart Academy ja Quinta da Coruja


WHA tree
WHA tree


Maria P.

Simo & Katri


Bodywork in the WHA

Tantric Bodywork is an excellent way to work the body’s and the mind’s knots gently, safely and holistically.

Tantric Life Coach -certified bodyworkers can help you to get better in touch with yourself – on all levels of your being. The most important element in these sessions is an accepting presence: an atmosphere that allow all emtions and the human experience. Presence combined with safe touch can bring new insights of yourself to you.

Let the Spontaneity of your Heart emerge!

Contact us if you're interested in our training! Email: shantilimnell(a)gmail.com